Posted on: February 7, 2010 1:44 am

Super Bowl XLIV is Super Bowl II for Indy's Colts

Well after all the mental and emotional angst of the last month or so, the super bowl is finally upon us. I was one who wished the Colts had gone for it.. and i still do, but hey.. they got to the super bowl and that was their #1 goal. Now they just need to win it.
The logical and practical side of me keeps saying the Colts win by 10-12 points and I hear lots of people say similar things.. well around 7-10 points. But, I am a die hard Cubs fan and as such I am always expecting the worst.
If the Colts defense can keep the Saints under control then I will feel alot better about things. The thing with the Colts though, even if they are down in the first half.. that's no big deal... they were down at halftime vs. Jets and who can forget the great AFC championship game against the Patriots three years ago?? Now in my mind... that was the greatest Indianapolis Colts game ever. and I think it was only fitting that to get to the SuerBowl, the Colts had to take down their old nemesis the Patriots... kinda like in the NBA where you used to have to take down your arch rival before climbing to the top...Anyway, I'm looking forward to this superbowl and I have vowed to myself that I will attend all of the celebratory events this time around.. I wanted to last time but never did do it.. and I wish I had.. so this year... they win and I'm gonna be at the celebration in indy!

Posted on: January 7, 2010 3:45 pm

Finally... the Hawk soars!!!!

I was thrilled to see one of my all-time baseball idols FINALLY make the Hall of Fame.
Yes congratulations Andre Dawson!!

more to come...
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Posted on: January 7, 2010 3:18 pm

Colts theories and practices

So we got past the Jets game debacle, then of course the Colts play their starters in the snowstorm in Buffalo long enough to get Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne their 100 catches for the season. While I appreciate that, I still am having trouble stomaching the whole nonesense of not trying to win those last two games.
I listen to the first half hour of the Bill Polian show on Monday after the Jets game, and you could tell he was dug in and ready for the harsh criticism that he did in fact receive from callers.  My beef with the whole explanation is that it was hogwash. Polian claimed that the teams entire set of goals revolved first around getting to and winning the Super Bowl.. great.. I agree.. that is the ultimate goal. He went on to say they did have two other very important goals that they wanted to achieve... that no team had ever accomplished.. there was the record for regular season wins (consecutive) which was in thd 23-24 range.. they past that... and they wanted the most wins ever in a decade.. which they also accomplished.. i think they won 115.. which is more than the 49ers, and I forget who the other top decade winners were.. my point is that first, they told us these goals after the fact, and really.. who cares about these??? Polian said going 19-0 was not a goal.. two other teams had gone through the regular season undefeated before, so they wouldn't be the first...  hmmmm
I think they would be the first to be 19-0... correct me if i'm wrong there...
Mr. Polian also said that what the fans wanted wasn't really important... that team goals and priorities were the most important thing. Hmmm I hate hearing that... I mean it is fans who buy the tickets.. buy the apparel... watch the games on tv isn't it?? fans are the reason these guys have jobs isn't it?? You would think fans would rate a little higher.
Oh well, I will still root for the team, but I didn't watch a lick of the Buffalo game.. everyone knew what was going to happen.. i turned it on long enough to see the score was out of hand at some point in the 3rd quarter and i turned it off...
Poor CBS and especially the Indianapolis affiliate WISH TV -8.. thing what ratings would have been like for them if the Colts had been going for 16-0??? and the merchandising opportunities...
Finally, and then i get off the soapbox.. Polian said that the team's goal was to be healthy heading into the playoffs.. as healthy as they can be... not a bad goal.. but wouldn't your top goal be to be playing well come playoff time?? i don't know that being healthy necessarily translates into playing well.. especially when it will have basically been a month since they played their last meaningful minutes in a game..
oh well, the outrage is dying out, just as well.. we wouldn't want the fans to be blamed if the Colts were to be one and done in the playoffs.. or if they were to lose again to San Diego or New England...
I do hope that management knows that nothing short of Super Bowl victory will be acceptable after the teams actions the last few weeks of the regular season.
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Posted on: December 28, 2009 2:29 am

Same ole same ole with the Colts

I sure hope I'm wrong, but I hate seeing the team pulling starters and tanking their last couple of games. Injuries can happen I know, but this season has been so special, and how often does a team have a chance to make history? History tells us that the Colts tend to suck in the playoffs when they clinch early and rest guys. History tells us that the Colts sucked at the beginning of the season last year after Peyton Manning missed the entire preseason and didn't have game time (albeit pre-season game time) to work with his receivers.
History also tells us that in recent history, teams that have had to play hard right up to the end of the season, tend to be the ones with momentum and the ones that win playoff games and Superbowls.
I feel somewhat cheated as a fan when my teams underperforms, or in the case of the Colts, when they throw in the towel two weeks early and "rest" everyone for what tends to be a short playoff run.
The Colts draft great, they have a great plan of action and they seem to be a model organization, until playoff time draws near. It's a shame. I feel like many others, that there should have been two or three superbowl victories in this past decade for the Indianapolis Colts.
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Posted on: January 3, 2009 1:09 pm

Game Day Colts v. Bolts

Well its game day. I hope to be finished with work and perched with friends and fellow Colts fans watching the opening kickoff. I am feeling a lot more confident about things now. Not really sure why, but I tend to agree in principle with a lot of people I see comparing this team to the 2006 Super Bowl team. I think the team will be as healthy as they have been all season and that's a good thing. I have this gut feeling down deep inside that Dominic Rhodes is going to get off tonite and have a big game. I remember the super bowl year too, the Colts had a tight end apparently come out of nowhere late in the season to make some big big catches. Was it Brian Fletcher? well that's where the similarities with this year's team continue. there is a new tight end, his name escapes me at the moment, but he's been coming on strong lately and i think he may have an impact tonite. If Dallas Clark doesn't get all the glory that is. he has had a great year hasn't he?

Anyway, i am feeling a score of something like 27-13 coming. I don't know that I've ever made a prediction on score before so we'll see how good i am at predicting the future huh?

Speaking of predicting the future, can anyone tell me what is going to happen on the north side? It seems the Mr. Hendry is dumping some salaries to collect some trade bait, and make space for a big salary... perhaps Jake Peavy??? I was all for that trade during the winter meetings, so i still hope it happens. No matter how much offense you have, as we have all witnessed the last two playoff series, pitching still matters.

Finally, nice win by the Pacers last night over the evil empire also known as the New York Knicks. Of course it doesn't seem nearly the same as it did back in the day when it was Patrick Ewing, grandmama and that crew versus Reggie Miller, the Davis boys, Rik Smits and that bunch. It doesn't help that Ewing might have been a Pacer except for the famous card getting stuck in the barrel during the lottery the year he was coming out. oh well. those were great times to be a Pacers fan, just like these are great days to be a Colts fan.... who knows, maybe in a few years, and a couple of Super Bowl titles for the Colts, and maybe even a World Series for the Cubs... we can say that now is/was a great time to be a Cubs fan as well....  ok.. so i can dream....

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Posted on: December 30, 2008 1:47 pm

It's playoff time again

Well, yet another 12 win season, and yet another entry into the playoffs for the Colts. I begin to wonder how many fans remember the early days of the "Indianapolis" Colts. All the announcers who would call them Baltimore and not even notice. All the losses... my how many losses... and the honor roll of failed coaches. How many people remember some of the quarterbacks who passed through on their way to  who knows where? I can't remember them all, but i do remember Don Majkowski, Jack Trudeau, Jeff George among others. I remember the team being 0-13 and then blowing their shot at getting the first pick that next draft by winning their last three games. I remember "the trade" that brought Eric Dickerson to the Colts and that Magical halloween for the first Indianapolis Monday night football game.

Now we have fans who only know Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy, and being in the playoffs every year. Kinda nice.

Anyway, I also remember losing to the Chargers in the playoffs and how i was wishing they would lose to Denver the other night. I know Denver is likely to be cold and nasty place to play this weekend, but i tihnk i'd rather face that scenario than travelling to San Diego.  Oh well, in order to win the NBA title, teams have always had one nemesis to get past. I remember the Pacers nemeis being the Knicks, and how when Ewing missed that layup that allowed the Pacers to beat them in a series for the first time, radio announce Mark Boyle was saying Ding dong the witch is dead... that was a classic moment. anyway, once again i digress.  Colts. Chargers. playoffs. not a happy pairing. Oh well, the Colts got past New England a few years ago and they won a Super Bowl. maybe defeating the Chargers this year will lead to a similar outcome We can only hope. I like the Colts chances, don't get me wrong. I just don't like the Karma of having to play the Chargers. Time will tell. Time will tell.

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Posted on: December 15, 2008 6:12 pm

Colts win

Well it sure wasn't beautiful to watch, but it was still a win, and that's always a good thing. The Colts defeated the winless Detroit Lions yesterday 31-21. The Colts are now 10-4 and have the inside track to the 1st wild card position. I like the fact that the Colts are having to play hard up until the end of the season this year. I think too many times in the past several years, they have clinched the division so early and started resting starters and things like that, and they were flat when the playoffs started. This year, barring some catastrophic injury that puts the team in the hole, I really think they will be playing their best football of the season going in to the playoffs. I home playoff game is always nice, but losing a first round playoff game sucks. and the colts have experience with that now don't they?  anyway. I'll take the win, and i like how new players are emerging on offense and defense. i think it bodes well for the remainder of the season and next year as well.

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Posted on: December 12, 2008 5:46 pm

End of the winter meetings

Well the winter meetings are over, and Jake Peavy is still a Padre. I guess that's not the end of the world. Mark DeRosa, Sean Marshall and a host of others are still Cubs. I like Mark Derosa. He might have had a career year last year, so maybe the Cubs should move him while he's a hot commodity. But i certainly would not be opposed to seeing him playing for the Cubs next year. Now, some of the other names being mentioned as possible "left-handed bats" for the Cubs next year, I just don't think i want to see. The team was pretty good last year. Cubs fans enjoyed a thrilling ride all the way through the end of the regular season. I don't think it will take a LOT of maneuvering for the team to stay on top in the NL Central. I would like to see Felix Pie get a shot to play regularly, even if its just against righties. I also think Fukudome will be better next year. Oh well, i think that the one thing that the Jake Peavy drama did for the Cubs fans, is that it helped us get our minds off that disastrous playoff series and to thinking about next year. Hey, we're Cubs fans and we are good at looking forward to next year. We've had a lot of practice. Damn Lou for raising our expectations and hopes. Thanks again to Jim Hendry for distracting us and getting us pointed towards next year again.
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