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Super Bowl XLIV is Super Bowl II for Indy's Colts

Posted on: February 7, 2010 1:44 am
Well after all the mental and emotional angst of the last month or so, the super bowl is finally upon us. I was one who wished the Colts had gone for it.. and i still do, but hey.. they got to the super bowl and that was their #1 goal. Now they just need to win it.
The logical and practical side of me keeps saying the Colts win by 10-12 points and I hear lots of people say similar things.. well around 7-10 points. But, I am a die hard Cubs fan and as such I am always expecting the worst.
If the Colts defense can keep the Saints under control then I will feel alot better about things. The thing with the Colts though, even if they are down in the first half.. that's no big deal... they were down at halftime vs. Jets and who can forget the great AFC championship game against the Patriots three years ago?? Now in my mind... that was the greatest Indianapolis Colts game ever. and I think it was only fitting that to get to the SuerBowl, the Colts had to take down their old nemesis the Patriots... kinda like in the NBA where you used to have to take down your arch rival before climbing to the top...Anyway, I'm looking forward to this superbowl and I have vowed to myself that I will attend all of the celebratory events this time around.. I wanted to last time but never did do it.. and I wish I had.. so this year... they win and I'm gonna be at the celebration in indy!

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